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What Are HIV and AIDS? | HIV.AIDS

HIV Maybe a Virus That Damages The System

What Are HIV and AIDS? The immune system helps prevent infection in the body. Disadvantaged HIV infects and kills cd4 cells, which contains a vaccine cell of immune cells. Over time, more CD4 sales are damaged than HIV, the body is more likely to have different diseases and cancer.
HIV is transmitted through physical liquids which include:
MoneyA vaginal and stable fluid:
The wire is spread through air or water, or comfortable contact.
HIV is a constant condition and there is no treatment at all, although many scientists are working to find the same. However, with medical care, including anterior therapy, it is possible to treat HIV and stay with viruses for many years.
Without treatment, a person with HIV can develop a serious condition called AIDS. At present, the immune system is very weak to fight other diseases and infections. Life is expected to be sick with AIDS, about three years. With Anti-Virorore Therapy, HIV can be well controlled and almost expected to have a life like no one has an HIV contract.

It is known from observing the procedure that is preventing this disease for thousands of years. On one side billions of rupees are being spent annually for his promotion and on the other side, there is a church of prevention. How do you know who is the pro and opponent?

What Are HIV and AIDS? | HIV.AIDS

AIDS World Day is celebrated every month in December so that it is associated with the Disease:

Millions of people can be saved from death to death due to the treatment of patients' treatment and safety measures. But the facts are the total number of billions, and the number of new arrivals is more than healthier. This is a picture of the failure of this campaign.
Over the past 40 years, billions of dollars have been spent on this project, but there are fewer and more victims of healing.

Experts are either unable to know the truth about it or they are hiding facts very well.

What is AIDS, what it has, how it has come to mind, what is the motivation behind it, or it is our intriguing mistake for the past two decades the peculiar and specialist health about this subject constantly views Expressions are coming?
In fact, due to many research claims, the current motivation of the disease is not in front of all patients, and all experts believe that it is known to us in heritage. In the meantime, it was also claimed that this disease The real motivation is to be Africa, and those who migrated from there brought it to Europe or America. In this way, the gars made it very easy to eat the mud debris in a delicate Africa.
Research based on their genetics discrimination was done and as much as possible, it was inserted into their food. His biggest influence was that the people from African countries found an effective license to ban European countries. Apart from this, social behavior with them had negative behavior.

However, despite the issues and behavior of these factors, neither the current motivation of the disease could have been incomplete or decreased in any way in prevention.
According to UN experts, this four literacy story covers thirty years of time, which has a long story of the destruction of AIDS, struggles, and genital talents.
The world-wide permanent quest, struggle, and research process have brought the present generation towards a bright spot. Now the world is working together to work together to discover the treatment of this disease. Patients will be able to provide treatment facilities for patients. This is why we are now able to say that we will be able to rescue this disease.

However, it is also necessary for us to make sure that we are all members of AIDS or if we are all patients with Babar Babar. Otherwise, we will be able to earn it from 2020.
Although we have seen 38 percent of the people suffering from this disease by 2001, however, in 2013, we have seen more than 21 million people involved in it, compared to 22 million people until recently treated treatment facilities. Could not access.

The question is how to get rid of the number of people involved in it and the salvation of those who can be treated equally in the number of those who healing through treatment.
Our biggest question in the UN AIDS REPORT was the topic that was discussed in front of all the world's experts. It can be discussed in a matter of discussion on this issue. According to UNO reports, at present, 35 million people in the world are suffering from acne disease, but these figures do not translate 100 percent of facts. While 19 million people do not break the meaning of their illness, namely and Gazette. While in South Africa every fourth person is suffering from young girls and women. On the contrary, AIDS is the biggest victim of thunderstorm and hepatitis B and C.

However, most of the victims of the Hiv suffer from various problems, such as young women who are suffering from this disease, have been infused completely. Another serious problem is taking birth to who is using the treatment facilities and who is missing from it. As it is necessary for the real success to be included in it. It seems that it will be impossible to achieve this success in the next five years. It may also be possible to cover a 5-year journey.

However, working jointly can successfully assure the promise of controlling AIDS.

The UNAIDS unit's single dialer said that the number of victims in the world is expected to decrease in different countries.
However, the figures presented by them are unbelievably understood and understandable, for example, the number of years in the last three years has decreased by 13 percent. In the countries where the appropriate information about 82 countries have declined, 57 percent declined in ten countries, while in the other 27 countries, patients in the other 27 countries have declined. The child has been claiming that it has decreased due to the lack of children. It has been claimed that people in all the countries of the world, all regions and cities, are saved from this disease and can reduce the concerns of their growth, as all the countries of the world are in this struggle. Take part
What is the status of these claims from the unaids that can be gauged by these values?

1. A total of 75% of the total AIDS population

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