Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in Dubai 2019

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in Dubai noortime

Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in Dubai

If you are going to buy a new car, it is important to know about Dubai car insurance and the best car insurance company apart from knowing about the best car apart. Buying car insurance is not an option, but it is legally compulsory. By law, the United Arab Emirates is obligated to purchase car insurance.
There are two types of car insurance. One is third party car insurance and the other is comprehensive car insurance. Third-party car insurance plans provide a minimal level of compensation and cover only the insured's legal and financial liability for unfortunate events such as death or physical injury to a third party. This car insurance extends coverage for third party property damage caused by the insured car. While a comprehensive insurance policy is the best kind of protection you can offer your car. It goes a step beyond third-party car insurance plans because it offers comprehensive coverage and offers more services. Unlike third-party insurance, comprehensive auto insurance compensates for damage to the car, theft, third party liability, and personal accident redress. The insurance coverage can also be changed by selecting add-ons such as zero depreciation, roadside assistance, medical expenses, and GCC coverage. Therefore, we recommend purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan to provide end-to-end coverage.

While purchasing insurance plans for your car, there are plenty of UAE car insurance companies offering car insurance, so make sure you choose the best car insurance company. But not all of them are credible and meet your insurance needs. To simplify this task, we selected the top five car insurance companies in Dubai below. Look at the most reputable car insurance companies out of order.

HSBC auto insurance

HSBC's existing customers can purchase AXA Auto Insurance to protect them from unanticipated events. Dubai's AXA Auto Insurance, delivered through HSBC, is the world's largest insurance provider offering a wide range of auto insurance coverage to meet your insurance needs. It covers all the dangers and troubles you may experience on the road in a comprehensive way. It offers the following advantages:
  1. Loss or damage to the insured vehicle
  2. Theft and fire compensation
  3. Riot, storm, flood, strike
  4. Physical damage from third parties
  5. Third-party injury
  6. Legal liability extends to the family as a third party
  7. Compensation for personal injury
  8. Emergency medical expenses and personal property coverage
  9. Off-road coverage
  10. Agency Repair
  11. Guaranteed repair
  12. Oman extension cover
  13. Excess immunity for damage to the windshield
  14. Personal accident benefit to drivers and passengers
  15. Advantages of car rental
  16. Recovery from a 24-hour accident and failure
  17. GCC scope
  18. Collection and delivery

Union car insurance

Whether you drive Aston Martin Valkyrie to drive the road or hatchback to defeat traffic, it is imperative to buy car insurance in the UAE, so it is your value for you Cars need proper car insurance coverage. From basics to a wide range of optional benefits, Union Car Insurance Company offers comprehensive and affordable auto insurance packages. It is customized to the policyholder's insurance needs. It basically provides the following important coverage:
  1. Excellent agency repair coverage
  2. Car rental
  3. Exchange car at a discounted rate
  4. Motor Shield Cover-Compensation for Unemployment Unemployment
  5. No claims discount for affordable compensation
  6. Personal accident compensation up to 1 million AED
  7. Comprehensive automated assistance services including roadside recovery, airport pick-up, and many other concierge services
  8. Free emergency medical expenses and personal compensation

Noor Takaful car insurance

Noor Takaful helps you find Car Takaful, which brings an absolute sense of security behind the wheel. It not only provides compensation for loss or damage but also provides a fast and hassle-free guarantee of billing services. This is the insurance coverage provided by Noor Takaful Car Insurance.
  1. Your car loss or damage
  2. Physical damage or injury from a third party
  3. Natural disasters
  4. Excellent agent repair
  5. Roadside assistance 24/7
  6. No claim discount
  7. Emergency medical expenses and personal property coverage
  8. Excess immunity for damage to the windshield
  9. Replacement of a new car
  10. Valet parking service
  11. Off-road coverage
  12. Benefits of personal accidents for drivers and passengers
  13. Oman expansion
  14. Car rental

Salama Car Insurance

Salama Islamic Arab Insurance Company is one of the leading auto insurance companies offering a wide range of bespoke TAKAFUL in Dubai as well as in the United Arab Emirates. This insurance company religiously adheres to Shari'a principle. The modern approach of Salama Insurance in the Islamic sector has made it a unique and reliable car insurance provider in the country.

Salama Auto Insurance is designed to protect you and your car from unfortunate events. Salama Insurance's car insurance has many functions.
  1. No claim bonus protection
  2. Personal accident compensation for both the driver and the passenger
  3. Hassle-free complaint registration
  4. Additional benefits for enhancing protection and care
  5. Fast and fast repair with CARS 'A grade garage network

AIG Automobile Insurance

AIG Motor Insurance is one of the best car insurance companies designed with customer safety first. In a nutshell, it is one stop for all your auto insurance needs. It will give you quick and online quotes that will eventually help you decide on customizing your car insurance for you. AIG Motor Insurance brings the following major benefits to its insurance:
  1. Excellent agent repair
  2. Roadside assistance
  3. GCC scope
  4. Ambulance fee
  5. Key exchange
  6. Private property
  7. Personal injury
  8. Social Harm
  9. Registration
  10. Six-month clause
  11. Legal responsibility
  12. Off-road coverage

In addition to these benefits, AIG Motor Insurance offers several optional benefits, which are:
  1. Personal accident for drivers and passengers
  2. Windscreen coverage
  3. Protected No Claim Bonus
  4. Dent repair
  5. Danger of nature
  6. 12 months depreciation
  7. Car rental
  8. Car rental cash benefits

Final verdict!

These are some of the best car insurance companies along with their benefits. Note that there is no bias in the list, it is only for reference purposes.

I hope you like our best collection of Top 5 Car Insurance Companies in Dubai helpful.
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