Five Final Weight Loss Tips Fast And Safe

Here are five final weight loss tips that can be used to create permanent fat loss  Choose the final result you want to create by the end of the program

Here are five final weight loss tips that can be used to create permanent fat loss
Choose the final result you want to create by the end of the program

How To weight loss: This is the first and definitely the most important weight loss tips I can give to you. The reason for this is simple: if you do not know where you are going, you will have problems getting there. So, at the beginning of your weight loss journey make an accurate decision about what you want to achieve when you reach the end of your weight loss program.

The end result I wanted to make at the end of the weight loss program was this: a lean, healthy body with 10% body fat and visible six pack abs.

To be honest, given that in 1994 my total weight was 285 pounds and body fat was over 44%, I did not expect to reach this major health goal I set myself.

But this is what I really wanted, so I wrote this goal in my notebook and took my second step.

Track your current situation by looking exactly at what you currently have

Once you have selected the end result, your next step in creating permanent fat loss is to find out where you are at the current moment in relation to your main purpose. From the five weight loss tips, this is important as it can help you understand the starting point of your program.

In my case, I weighed myself and had an experienced tester measure the body fat percentage. My body fat percentage was 44% when I started. This means that I had 125 pounds of body fat. Clearly, this was really shocking to me, and my confidence dropped all the time after hearing this number.

However, my desire to achieve my major health goals is so strong that I write my weight, total fat mass, and lean mass at the bottom of the notebook.

I also write the most important lessons from the eight-year low-calorie diet, the epidemic diet, and many other weight loss approaches.

Create a list of steps you will take to create permanent fat loss

After deciding where you are heading and observing your current location, the next step is to make a list of steps to take to get from where you are today to where you want to be. In the near future when you create your final result.

From the five weight loss tips, this third one will help keep you focused on the next step you must take in the direction of your major health goals. Mys was a permanent loss of fat. This was the main purpose that motivated the entire weight loss phase of my program.

We calculated that we needed to reduce unnecessary body fat by 110 pounds while maintaining lean body mass, given that we wanted to reach 10% body fat at 285 pounds.

My first step was to consume my daily maintenance calorie intake. This means that the calories coming from my food and drink will be equal to the amount my body can actually burn during the day.

My second step was to use cardio training four times a week. This was very important because I knew it was necessary to burn this fat to reduce unwanted body fat of 110 pounds. Since dieting without exercise did not produce results in the past, I followed another path to create permanent fat loss.

My third step was to use weight training to maintain my lean muscle mass during the weight loss phase of my program. Because muscles are metabolically active tissues, you have to stretch energy (calories) to maintain them. In other words, during the weight loss phase of the program, weight training keeps the metabolism high. Lose unwanted body fat.

This was the secret I learned from my friend at the gym. And it used weight training to build their muscular physique. The best approach is to focus on maintaining my current muscles while I am losing weight, and I can adjust my calorie intake and start creating new muscles Told.
Use effective nutritional strategies to create small calorie deficits

From the 5 weight loss tips, this can help you create the calorie deficit you need without having to use a low calorie or epidemic diet. This is very important as these ineffective nutritional strategies lead to an increase in your appetite and heavy food cravings.

I already knew that a low-calorie approach would not work in the long run and would not help to cause permanent fat loss, so I take four average size meals every four hours I chose.

The size of each meal was calculated by taking my daily maintenance calorie intake and dividing this number by four. Then I calculated how many calories I would consume from carbohydrates, proteins, and dietary fats.

My diet was all made using only natural food sources, and the only processed food that I allowed myself to eat was between three cheats a week.

These cheat meals were always served for breakfast, and this helped me to avoid my favorite food cravings.

Another important element of an effective nutritional strategy is to drink plenty of water during the day. I used the formula to calculate the amount of water to drink based on the daily calorie intake.

Use effective exercise strategies to burn unwanted body fat and maintain muscles

The energy levels produced were simply astonishing as I started consuming the optimal amount of daily calories and it started to supply my body with all the macro and micronutrients needed to function properly.

It's always easy to do cardio training four times a week, and I used a walking and rowing machine to create the calorie deficits needed to burn the most total calories during training.

Weight training was also easy, mainly because I used a very simple approach. I lifted heavier weights with less repetition. My training was always 20-25 minutes, and then I felt really well.

The combination of cardio training and weight training has created magic. In 12 months I reached my ideal weight of 175 pounds and had 10% body fat.

And for the last 15 years, I have maintained this ideal weight using the same five Ultimate Weight Loss Tips that I wrote.

If you have a real desire to have permanent fat loss, you can achieve this health goal by taking the same steps as I can and produce similar results.

But if I want to keep your ideal weight for your life, you need to warn you, you need to keep using these weight loss tips for the rest of your life there is. If you stop, your weight will probably creep back up.

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