Top largest insurance company in the world by income

Top largest insurance company in the world by income

largest insurance company: This multinational list of insurance giants is headed by the American company Berkshire Hathaway, which earned $ 19.5 billion in the spring of 2015.

Top largest insurance company in the world by income noortime

As new economies emerge, insurance companies are expanding to other countries that offer specialized insurance products, and in the process, a huge conglomerate is born. Globalization, technology, emerging markets, and strong political conditions have made it easier for insurers to establish cross-border businesses. Most of these conglomerates are interested in different industries and generate billions of dollars in revenue from insurance subsidiaries. The top insurance companies that generated the most revenue in 2015 are:

Berkshire Hathaway

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. recorded $ 210.8 billion in revenues and became the world's most profitable insurance company. Founded by Oliver Chance in 1889, it was originally a low-performance textile factory company. The head office is located in Omaha, Nebraska. Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate covering several insurance companies.

Berkshire has a large number of subsidiaries and associates and is interested in GEICO Corp., which has nine insurance companies in 50 states in the United States and provides automotive insurance. It is the second largest car insurance company in the United States. General Re Corporation offers insurance and reinsurance around the world through its subsidiaries and affiliates. Berkshire Hathaway Reinsurance Group and US Investment Corporation (USIC) have subsidiaries worldwide and are comprised of small and medium-sized insurance companies. Warren Buffett is the Chief Executive Officer and a powerful force behind the company's massive growth. Charlie Munger is the vice chairman. The management style is decentralization, and most of the authority is delegated to local administrators who are required to submit reports and cash flows to headquarters monthly.


With $ 147.5 billion in sales, AXA Insurance Company is the world's second most profitable multinational insurance company. Founded in 1817 by the merger of several insurance companies, its headquarters is in Paris, France. AXA is a multinational conglomerate that operates primarily in Europe, North America, the Asia-Pacific region, and North America. AXA is the second largest company in France.

Underlying insurance companies offer various insurance products such as life, savings, health, automobiles, investment, and retirement. These include AXA Financial in the US, AXA UK in the UK, AXA Konzern in Germany, and AXA Belgium in Belgium. AXA has a committee of 16 people to oversee its operations, of which 6 come from countries other than France.


Allianz in Germany is the third most profitable multinational insurance company, generating $ 140.3 billion from the insurance business. Founded in 1890, it began with providing accident and maritime policy. It branched off to London in 1893 and by 1920 became a major insurance company in Europe. The company's insurance business covers a wide range of insurance such as life, health, travel, retirement and asset management. The company's activities are managed by three organizations: General Management, Board of Directors and Supervisory Board.

Top  Insurance Companies In The World By Revenue

Rank       Company                      Revenue

  1.        Berkshire Hathaway               210.8
  2.       AXA                                        147.5
  3.       Allianz                                     140.3
  4.       ICBC                                       134.8
  5.       Funny Mae                              131.9
  6.       BNP Paribas                            126.2
  7.      General Group                          116.7
  8.      China Construction Bank         113.1
  9.      Santander Bank                        108.8
  10.      JPMorgan litigation                  108.2
  11.       Societe Generale                      107.8
  12.       HSBC                                       104.9
  13.       Chinese Arctic Bank                103.0
  14.       Bank of America                      100.1
  15.       China Bank                                 98.1

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