Women's Hair Loss Reasons and Treatment Fast And Safe

Women's Hair Loss Reasons and Treatment!

Women's Hair Loss Reasons and Treatment!

Hair Loss Reasons and Treatment! Women's hair loss is catastrophic. For women, their hair is much more important for their physical appearance than men.

Unfortunately, hair loss in women occurs frequently, but it is not talked about as much as hair loss in men.

Women's hair loss may be due to a variety of things that they know to know why women's hair loss occurs.

The main reason women get thin hair or even bald head spots are due to hormones or they are missing.

When a woman's body slows or stops completely, the hormone production of the body experiences many changes, and he includes grown hair.

The menopause-the onset of menopausal delay the production of hormones in the body and signal more than two-thirds ending with alopecia as a result of hair loss due to the loss of hormones during menopause. Thus, women's hair is best treated with hormone replacement therapy.

Before menopause, women produce large amounts of estrogen, which acts as a protective barrier to the testosterone produced by women. Menopause is slowing and eventually stopping because it is producing testosterone and continuing with the opposing estrogen. As a result, testosterone combines with other body enzymes to produce a chemical called DHT that causes hair loss by binding to alpha reductase.

Hysterectomy-Hysterectomy often causes women to have exactly the same problem as menopause for the same reason as menopause, and the body stops producing hormones. In a total hysterectomy, the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes are removed. Otherwise, some parts can be saved and hair loss is not an issue.

Pregnancy-You may get thinner or fall down, or ironically it can get thicker. In addition to thickening and thinning of the hair, waves can also occur. Also, if your hair is shrinking, it may be straight. If your hair gets thinner or falls off during pregnancy, it is because you are not getting the nutrients your body needs. Without these essential nutrients, your body can not produce the amount of estrogen it needs. This is another reason for taking prenatal vitamins.

Another reason for women's loss of hair is related to genetics. If either your mother or your father is thinning or bald, you may be depilating as well.

Other factors to consider are that your diet, the nutrients you take and the vitamins you take, as well as too much protein,  may be behind the problem. Also, over the years, coloring, highlighting, bleaching, or using various styling agents on your hair can cause hair loss.

There are treatments for hair loss in women that help the body metabolize testosterone. Rogaine works with both men and women. It is usually not recommended for women because of birth defects it is known to cause, but another similar treatment is Propecia. However, after menopause or after hysterectomy, your doctor may decide that it's fine for you.

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