I am Muhammad Saeed from Pakistan. I am 40 years old with a smiling face and always a happy mood. I love writing and sharing my knowledge and Ideas with all over the world. I start blogging in 2015. At Blogging Ocean, I write mostly about health tips, Makes money online. And information technology.
If you want to earn much more money online you should touch regularly with us. I like to share my knowledge of digital marketing with others. I will be happy if I help you.


I am Muhammad Saeed
From Pakistan
City Sialkot
I did master degree
I am a professional in information technology and digital marketing
I like poetry  
My favorite poet is Alama Iqbal and Murad Akbar from Sialkot
I like to play cricket my favorite player is Waseem Akram 
I like to move to different countries my favorite country is Switzerland 

About Website

noortime.com delivers relevant information in clear, jargon-free language that puts health into context in peoples' lives. noortime is the destination for professionals seeking to research technology-related issues, and solve business technology problems and much more about Article writing topics, Tattoos ideas, digital market, Auto insurance. And different ways to make money online easy and fast at home.
On our website, we cover different topics like that...
1. How to make money online
2. What is cloud computing
3. Different types of  insurance
4. How to write an article
5. Best health tips for your healthy life
and much more for your successful life.
If you want to earn much more money online you should touch regularly with noortime. In our website like to share our knowledge of digital marketing with other .noortime is a place where you learn differently. You can ask any type of question we feel happy to give you the answer to your questions. So, please connect with us anywhere any time we are here just for you. We are trying to help you with any place of life in the hole world. We learn if you told us...

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